The Speakeasy Cocktail Bar


July 26, 2018

Marking a truly delectable decade of cocktail making, Exeter independent The Oddfellows Speakeasyflung open its doors to launch an inventive new cocktail menu and tempt tipplers to become an official Oddfellowswith a unique loyalty card.

Located just off the High Street, owners Yvan & Faye welcomed guests to the quirky little hideaway in celebration of the ten-year anniversary and to showcase 20 original recipes to excite even the most daring of cocktail lovers. The Speakeasy’sexpert mixologists served up a selection of miniature mixtures allowing party-goers to work through the new menu one sip at a time. To keep track, each guest was given one of the bar’s new loyalty cards, which (if completed) awards its drinker to their very own Oddfellows concoction.

From the surprisingly genteel FSOG ‘Fifty shades of Grey’; and theatrical ‘Smoking Gun’; to the sweet gin-spiked nectar of ‘Pomp & Mousse’ it was a night of discovery for all who came. The whiskey based ‘Tar Barrels’, a blend of local stout reduction and bitters served with a chocolate covered coffee bean, separated the wheat from the chaff. As did the firey Patron-laced ‘Incendios’, which offered fire and sweetness with a Tajin crystal rim that got everyone’s blood moving in the right direction!

Customers can pick up a free loyalty card from The Oddfellows Speakeasywhere it will be safely filed behind the bar to keep track of their personal cocktail journey. For those with a more traditional palette, the bar also offers a 50-strong list of classic cocktails to wet the whistle.

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