The Beauty Salon at THD holds skincare launch event

Photograph by Glen King: Senior beauty therapists Rachael Reid and Amanda Spivey with Michelle Stanford, Executive District Manager of Arbonne International at the THD Hair & Beauty Salon, Topsham.

March 09, 2015

Senior therapists Rachael Reid & Amanda Spivey, based at THD Hair & Beauty in Topsham, held a ladies-evening at the salon to launch the premium Swiss product range, ‘Arbonne’. Rachael and Amanda originally met as Lecturers of Beauty Therapy at Exeter College and in addition to their education and training skills; they jointly have extensive knowledge and experience of working in Salons and Spa’s.

Guests were welcomed with a glass of Prosecco and light refreshments, followed by a talk and demonstration of the products. The two senior therapists specialise in skin care, ‘Sea Source Range’, which purifies, detoxes and nurtures the skin. The skin-care range is also recommended for Oncology and radiation patients as it is particularly good for delicate skin, as a result of radiation burn.

A presentation given by Michelle Stanford, Executive District Manager of Arbonne International, showcased the botanically-based personal and wellness products, suitable for all skin types and conditions, which have been formulated by leading biochemists, biologists and herbalists.

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