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Centre front: John Fairman - Head of Business/ Andrea Turner - Aftersales Manager / Steve Mallett - Sales Manager / Dominic Smith - Used Car Manager with Exeter Audi team

November 02, 2017

Visitors to the new Marshall Exeter Audi Centre on 1 Matford Way, will be dazzled by the state-of-the-art facilities of this £8.5m facility, showcasing the latest Audi Terminal concept.

Almost double the size of the former centre, there is extensive customer parking, a 15-car showroom, and the dealership has space to have 70 approved cars on display. Two private lounges are available for customers to configure their perfect Audi online, and a 15-bay high-tech workshop will help reduce the lead time for service requirements. When dropping off their vehicle, Audi customers will even stay dry with an indoor service reception drive-in; avoiding inclement weather conditions.

Exeter Audi has seen significant growth in both sales and aftersales over the past four years, and this facility will provide the capacity to meet the continued growth expected with an ever-increasing product range.

John Fairman, Head of Business, Exeter Audi comments: "The opening of the new facility in Matford is an extremely exciting time for the team, and we look forward to welcoming customers into our new Audi Terminal. Upon arrival the customer benefits are evident - additional customer parking plus, with the drive-In service and hospitality facilities, we have the base to deliver both exceptional and memorable customer experiences."

Marshall is rated 10 in the Motor Trader Top 200 with annual turnover of £1.2bn.

Daksh Gupta, chief executive of Marshall, said: “The relocation of our existing Audi dealership in Exeter represents a substantial investment for Marshall and demonstrates our commitment to both our customers, our colleagues and Audi.”

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