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Judi Spiers

June 12, 2017

"It's no good - I have to sort the freezer. It's groaning with things I might use, have used and will never use. It's one of those American jobs that runs vertically alongside the fridge and I'm afraid I treat it like I do the space under the beds." Western Morning News 14/01/19

"The New Year's Honours list. Be honest how many times have you said, Who? Why? Or What for? Do you wonder why a singer, actor, TV presenter or model (in other words someone who gets paid very well for doing their job) gets an honour?" Western Morning News 07/01/19

"Well have you had a week of turkey jambalaya, pigs in blankets carbonara and sprout fritters? In other words creating ludicrous things to do with leftovers? No me neither." Western Morning News 31/12/18

"How hard can it be to buy a Christmas pudding and a few mince pies? I know, I know - shame on me why don't I make my own?" Western Morning News 03/12/18

"I had just been belting out Respect along with Aretha Franklin on the radio when I turned the page of a freebie tabloid to be confronted by a picture of a bloke standing in the aisle of a plane in his great, grey, greasy underpants changing his trousers." Western Morning News 19/11/18

"I never imagined that the highlight of a week’s holiday in the south of France would be a trip to the Somme. But after 6 soggy cold days on the Canal du Midi with our friends Glen and David and Shadow dog, it was suggested that my husband and I might forget our flight home and instead drive through France with them and visit some of the battlefields."

Western Morning News 12/11/18

"Good evening, I am the present of the Loyal Society fo the Relief of Suffers from Pismronunciation, for the relief of people who can't say their worms correctly, or who use the wrong worms entirely, so that other people cannot underhand a bird they are spraying." Western Morning News 29/10/18

"I can't spell. Don't ask me why. I got my O and A-levels in English and went on to study the classics at drama school. But do I need to be able to spell nowadays?" Western Morning News 22/10/18

"When Marie Antoinette said “Let them eat cake”, she could not possibly have imagined my life over the last five weeks." Western Morning News 15/10/18

"I have just got back from the Appledore Book Festival where I interviewed Dr Dawn Harper, who has spent 21 years as a GP, but is known to a wider audience as one of the doctors from Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies." Western Morning News 8/10/18

"If I hear one more wannabe "celeb" telling me how they have, "been on a journey" and out of their "comfort zone"... all the way to the jungle or Love Island... I think I will scream." Western Morning News 1/10/18

"I keep meeting people who talk about their ‘bucket lists’. You know a list of the experiences that they want to have before they die. Stuff like see the Northern Lights, travel on the Orient Express and swim with dolphins." Western Morning News 17/9/18

"Well it started off as a pretty regular Sunday morning..." Western Morning News 13/8/18

"I’ve never really had much to do with fan clubs and fans thinking they were obsessive people who were a little off balance, and not without reason, until recently" Western Morning News 6/8/18

"Never before have I witness such a fascinating clash of cultures..." Western Morning News 30/7/18

"Its 7.30 on Monday night. My choir night in the village hall and the noise is terrible ..and we haven’t even started singing yet!"