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Judi Spiers

June 12, 2017

"I had lunch with Harry a couple of weeks ago. He wanted to talk to me about a festival he was the inspiration for five years ago..." Western Morning News 25/2/19

"I was delighted to open a new café last week in Bovey Tracey. Now I know I have ranted in the past about the amount of eateries and take aways taking over the High Streets." Western Morning News 18/2/19

"If ever I was at a loss as to where to take my mother as she was just dipping her toe into dementia I didn't have to think too hard..." Western Morning News 11/2/19

"My Grandma Rosa lived well into her 80’s but of course when I was young she always seemed that old to me." Western Morning News 4/2/19

It used to drive me mad when my mother said "What goes around comes around"... Western Morning News 28/1/19

"It's not often I have a good laugh when reading the newspaper, but something tickled my fancy last week. I was at a loose end, so decided to read every single page top to bottom." Western Morning News 21/01/19

"It's no good - I have to sort the freezer. It's groaning with things I might use, have used and will never use. It's one of those American jobs that runs vertically alongside the fridge and I'm afraid I treat it like I do the space under the beds." Western Morning News 14/01/19

"The New Year's Honours list. Be honest how many times have you said, Who? Why? Or What for? Do you wonder why a singer, actor, TV presenter or model (in other words someone who gets paid very well for doing their job) gets an honour?" Western Morning News 07/01/19