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Glen King - Director, Glen King PR

March 02, 2018

Actively involved in the exciting launch of The National Lottery in 1994 as Deputy Regional Centre Manager SW, I developed a high profile in the business community and close-working relationship with the local media. In 2005 I established GKPR, expanding in 2015 when David Greensmith became co-director after merging our two companies, and moving to City-centre offices.

Glen King – Founder Director - Glen King PR

If you had to start from scratch, what would you do differently?

Initially I worked from home and was very disciplined, working incredibly long hours developing the new business. From day one I was a victim of my own success; gaining excellent contacts and long-term retainer clients, I hit a ‘glass ceiling’. I wish I’d taken on associate partners, enabling me to take on more contracts with support.

What’s one of the biggest advances in your industry over the past five years?

Social media without a doubt! GKPR has established an enviable reputation for gaining extensive press coverage across a full PR mix, including TV and radio. In recent years, digital marketing is key to maximising these positive news stories and getting out to a wider audience. I believe print will shrink in 10 – 15 years, and it’s important to evolve with the times. Last year we appointed two new associate partners, Becky Millington as Head of Content and Neil Minty, Head of Digital & Strategy.

How did mentors influence your life?

I’ve been very fortunate to make great contacts at networking events; key to building a reputable brand and gain new business. Many have become friends, and two who have been inspirational in my life, offering support and sound advice, are Christine Mansfield of Merlin Marketing and Ronnie Halden of Big Wave Media.

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